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H properties has implemented and currently maintains the personal information protection policy in order to maintain customer trust, conform to laws and norms related to personal information, and appropriately manage personal information.

– Basic Position

H properties has set out company rules and systems related to the handling of personal information in order to implement this policy. We have thoroughly informed our employees (directors, employees, contract employees, fixed-term employees, temporary employees, etc.) of these rules and systems, and we maintain and improve them regularly.

– Appropriate Management

H properties will work to keep personal information accurate and updated within the scope of its use.
H properties will enact appropriate confidentiality protection measures and take necessary corrective action in order to prevent the loss, disclosure, destruction, or corruption of personal information.
H properties will appropriately supervise affairs to ensure that personal information is kept confidential and handled properly when requesting other parties to handle this personal information.

– Clearly defining the purpose of use

H properties will obtain personal information using legal and aboveboard means, and clearly defining on our website the purpose of using the various types of personal information when it is collected.
When indirectly obtaining personal information, H properties will declare the purpose of using this personal information on our website.

– Conforming to the purpose of use

H properties will use personal information within the scope of the purpose of use.
When H properties uses personal information other than for the purpose of use, we will notify the person in question beforehand to confirm.

– Providing personal information to third parties

H properties may provide retained personal data to our group companies and business associates using the procedures required by law and other norms Disclosure and correction of retained personal data If we receive a request to disclose, correct, or stop the use of retained personal data from the person in question, we will revise/delete the personal information in a reasonable time frame.